Dec 20


This is a call to all rebels. On Friday evening December 20th, we will all gather on the Grand-Place in Brussels for "Extension of the Rebellion", a performative act of civil disobedience to show our determination to continue the rebellion for as long as it will be needed. Together, we will perform a "Second Declaration of Rebellion" by collectively reading out the text of the declaration as a giant choir. We will unite our many voices into one single massive address to our governments, to our businesses, to all citizens and to ourselves. "Extension of the Rebellion" announces the second phase of our rebellion against the climate and ecological crisis.

Let's get together to celebrate the first anniversary of Extinction Rebellion in Belgium, to reflect on our shared experiences of the past year, and to look ahead to what awaits us in the year to come. Join us to let your voice sound, to gather strength and to regenerate, so that in 2020 we may once again rise up!

A big XR party will take place right after the action, all rebels welcome! (venue to be announced, please register below)

Important! Please come without wearing or bringing anything visible that would reveal your participation to the event in beforehand as the police might attempt to prevent you from reaching the square.

For more information:

We demand

  1. that the Government declares a Climate and Ecological Emergency, recognising the need for rapid transformation of our economic system.
  2. that the Government enacts a comprehensive, legally-binding National Emergency Plan which phases out the extraction and import of fossil fuels by 2025, and prioritises restoration of biodiversity and the preservation of our natural environment.
  3. a Citizens' Assembly, equipping our regions and communities with the resources and the authority to ensure a managed transition to an equitable post-growth society.

Heading For Extinction

We are facing an unprecedented global emergency.

The science is clear; we have entered a period of abrupt climate breakdown, and we are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction: an extinction of our own making.

It is time to act. Join us!

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