Jan 18

Stop supporting an industry which is poisoning our children and driving ecological breakdown

On Saturday 18 January 2020 Extinction Rebellion Belgium carried out the action "Salon of Lies" to correct the deceitful image the car industry portrays of itself. This action of mass civil disobedience denounced the many lies which car manufacturers keep selling to the public to increase their sales at the cost of the environment, people's health, and social justice.

A car painted with the slogan “Now it's green” by XR activists
Peugeot SUV decorated with fake blood by XR activists
Tell the truth: XR activists chained inside a Tesla

Our demands

  1. that the Government declares a Climate and Ecological Emergency, recognising the need for rapid transformation of our economic system.
  2. that the Government enacts a comprehensive, legally-binding National Emergency Plan which phases out the extraction and import of fossil fuels by 2025, and prioritises restoration of biodiversity and the preservation of our natural environment.
  3. a Citizens' Assembly, equipping our regions and communities with the resources and the authority to ensure a managed transition to an equitable post-growth society.

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Belgian flag with an Extinction Rebellion logo
An activist at XR Belgium's Royal Rebellion on 12th October, 2019
Join the rebellion: the boat at XR Belgium's Royal Rebellion on 12th October, 2019

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