Oct 12

Sire, our Kingdom is burning!

Bring a chair and join Extinction Rebellion for its first mass non-violent civil disobedience action in Belgium! Together we'll occupy the gardens of the Royal Palace in Brussels on Saturday 12th October, inviting the King to declare a state of Climate and Ecological Emergency in Belgium.

Every inhabitant of Belgium is invited to take part in a comprehensive program of Popular Assemblies, where we will debate how Belgium should respond to the climate and ecological crisis.

No neutral zone on a dead planet

As the garden is located inside the palace grounds in the so-called "neutral" zone, where demonstrations are prohibited, this action is an act of deliberate civil disobedience which directly addresses the King and thereby condemns the inaction of the Belgian political authorities.

It is also an act of civic duty, through which citizens undertake to remedy the shortcomings of their governments and to demonstrate the existence of a political alternative: one which could effectively tackle the crisis without undermining our democratic and human rights.

We are heading for extinction. It's time to #RebelForLife.

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Extinction Rebellion Belgium at Pas de loi climat? Geen Wetstraat! on Sunday 27th January 2019
Members of Extinction Rebellion Belgium
Extinction Rebellion Belgium at the Rise For Climate march in Brussels on Sunday 27th January 2019

We demand

  1. that the Government declares a Climate and Ecological Emergency, recognising the need for rapid transformation of our economic system.
  2. that the Government enacts a comprehensive, legally-binding National Emergency Plan which phases out the extraction and import of fossil fuels by 2025, and prioritises restoration of biodiversity and the preservation of our natural environment.
  3. a Citizens’ Assembly, equipping our regions and communities with the resources and the authority to ensure a managed transition to an equitable post-growth society.

Heading For Extinction

We are facing an unprecedented global emergency.

The science is clear; we have entered a period of abrupt climate breakdown, and we are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction: an extinction of our own making.

It is time to act. Join us!

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Climate change = mass murder