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(Although this event is not organised by Extinction Rebellion, we are happy to support it!)

Thanks to your support, CaP Democracy has collected more signatures than it needed!

The Walloon Parliament will soon have to decide whether to set up a mixed commission (citizens chosen by lot and elected representatives) to deliberate on the establishment of a mechanism similar to the permanent citizen dialogue in the German-speaking community.

We still need you to make some noise and show that our initiative is part of a larger movement that can no longer be ignored. So let's meet at the Nid (grognon, confluence Sambre and Meuse) on Saturday 03 June at 11am to celebrate the setting up of the commission and to support the proposal, to remind that we are waiting for a firm answer or to contest the possible refusal to set up the commission. In any case, we will organise one or more popular assemblies to discuss democracy and the convergence of struggles. Feel free to bring food to share 🙂 If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email via the contact form or [email protected]

To defend democracy, let's improve it!

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