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Do you want to take action for animals and the planet?

Nonviolent civil disobedience training for all living things

Come and prepare yourself for the various XR Animal action campaigns that will start this summer and last until the elections.

On the menu of this very practical training :

  • non-violent civil disobedience: political, philosophical and spiritual aspects.
  • "Being against" or "standing up to": two radically different physical attitudes.
  • disobedience for and with all the living: antispeciesist and intersectional positioning, or how to connect to the living forces of rebellion and push for system change
  • creating affinity groups and agile decision making: the key to adaptation & letting go
  • breathing practices, anchoring and opening the heart: how to prepare, sustain and manage an arrest
  • risks and rights: daring to take the plunge thanks to the legal briefing
  • the importance of care: before, during and after, thanks to the regenerative culture
  • training: the power of medit'action, the inside sit-in, blocking, staging...

Because of its specific character, this training is aimed at both novices and experienced activists, i.e:

  • anyone who has not yet been trained in non-violent civil disobedience
  • XR rebels or animal activists who want to work with XR Animal
  • XR Animal rebels who want to share their experience

Practicalities :

  • Time: from 10.30 to 17.30 (max) 

  • Location: in Brussels (address disclosed only to participants)

  • Date: 10 June
Free financial participation 

  • Meal: strictly vegan, in Spanish hostel mode (each participant brings a dish that will be shared with the group).

    Clothing: flexible, allowing to move with ease 

  • Language: the training will be given in French with possible translation into Dutch.