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📢 COP 26 is finishing and what are the concrete actions? Unfortunately, the question still remains unanswered. Even the commitments made during this crucial week are far from sufficient to avoid accelerating climate change. The time for blablabla is over. We must take action, we must raise awareness, we must make our leaders understand that our future is at stake.

⏳Extinction Rebellion Belgium is trying to act to slow down this catastrophic ecological and social decline. The latest Time for Rage action is just one further step in our fight.

🌡 Are you feeling scared? Do you feel frustrated? powerless? Do you want to take action?

🤔 Come and learn more about us during an introductory session!


  • What is XR?
  • Principles, values and demands
  • Actions
  • Local groups and structure
  • Communication platforms
  • Chat and questions (during the whole meeting)

We hope to see you very soon! 😉