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On Whit Monday, XR Ghent will unwind in the Bourgoyen!

We will meet this beautiful piece of nature while hiking and together we will meet new and seasoned rebels. The emphasis is on taking time for informal community building (team spirit) and seizing the opportunity to get to know each other better. Afterwards, we drink a tea or beer to the friendship in the Natuurpunt café.

XR Ghent is more than a group of individuals campaigning under the same banner. We are a cool committed gang and a diverse rebel community. XR Ghent has grown a lot lately, so there are many new faces walking around, each looking for their place in the community. This goes just a little easier when you know each other a bit, so new people are very welcome at this XR Regen initiative. The more seasoned rebels have already given their all in many actions this year. For them, an afternoon of relaxed togetherness is a chance to recharge their batteries with convivial green energy. Hooray that's win-win for all!

When: Whit Monday 29 May we will meet at 2pm

Where: we start at the Natuurpuntcafé - Driepikkelstaart 32, 9030 Ghent

What: we will follow the Bourgoyen trail (5.5 km) and by 15h30 we will be back and continue having a drink.

Who: everyone welcome (most of the rebels present speak Dutch, but we are happy to accommodate other languages where possible!)