Sire, our Kingdom is burning!

On Saturday 12th October hundreds of rebels gathered to occupy Place Royale/Koningsplein in Brussels for a 24-hour long program of People’s Assemblies, art, music, and more, inviting the King to declare a state of Climate and Ecological Emergency in Belgium.

Read our open letter to the King of the Belgians


  • Flower power

    How to live without abundant low-cost energy?

  • Need for speed

    Towards less mobility or a radically different kind of mobility?

  • Brussels sprouts

    How to make and distribute our food sustainably?

  • End of the world, end of the month

    How to secure a socially just transition?

  • Shop till you drop

    What are alternatives to consumerist culture?

  • An inconvenient truth

    How should education and the press inform us?

  • Climate nightmares

    How to deal with fear, panic, anger and sadness?

  • Paradise now

    How to make a sustainable society politically attractive?

  • Passing on the hot potato

    Deliberative democracy as an alternative to party politics?

See photos and videos from the action on our Twitter and Facebook channels and via the hashtag #RoyalRebellion