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On January 28, Extinction Rebellion blocked the Cantersteen road in Brussels to celebrate that a fossil free future is possible. Now we are coming back.

Ahead of the Belgian and European elections, will you join us to demand a fossil-free future? Together, we can achieve the future we dream of, the future we need, the future we will have.

We have 3 crystal clear demands:

1. We demand an end to the construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure in Belgium.

2. We demand an end to fossil fuel subsidies, and that this money is re-invested into renewable energy projects, and protecting folks with the lowest incomes from cost-of-living increases.

3. We demand a citizen's assembly empowered to create a legally binding plan to phase out fossil fuel use in Belgium by 2030.

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Why join? There are at least 8 good reasons:

5 million lives would be saved every year worldwide without fossil fuels (Lelieveld et al. 2023)

82% of Belgians think that the climate crisis is the biggest threat of the 21st century (EIB)

70% of Belgians are in favour of stricter government measures for the climate (EIB)

12,9 Billion Euros of subsidies for fossil fuels by Belgium (2020) (FPS Finances)

2,4% of the GDP of Belgium used for direct fossil fuel subsidies (

46% of energy in Belgium comes from oil (2019) (IEA)

12% of energy in Belgium comes from renewables (2020) (IEA)

At least 4 new fossil gas plants planned with government subsidies (Tegengas-Degaze)

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