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On January 28 and March 2, Extinction Rebellion blocked the Cantersteen road in Brussels to celebrate that a fossil free future is possible. Now we are coming back on April 6.

Ahead of the Belgian and European elections, will you join us to demand a fossil-free future? Together, we can achieve the future we dream of, the future we need, the future we will have.

We have 3 crystal clear demands:

1. We demand an end to the construction of new fossil fuel infrastructure in Belgium.

2. We demand an end to fossil fuel subsidies, and that this money is re-invested into renewable energy projects, and protecting folks with the lowest incomes from cost-of-living increases.

3. We demand a citizen's assembly empowered to create a legally binding plan to phase out fossil fuel use in Belgium by 2030.

Why join?

According to the most recent government figures available from 2020, Belgium subsidised fossil fuels with 12,9 billion euros. In fact, 2.4% of the Belgian GDP was used for direct subsidies. Despite the climate destruction they cause, the Belgian government also currently plans to subsidise the construction of three new fossil gas plants, according to Tegengas-Degaze (in Seraing, Flémalle and Wondelgem), and other companies are in the process of demanding permits. Subsidising fossil fuels directly funds climate destruction, which is in violation of Belgium's international law obligations.

We are not the only ones demanding this: According to the European Investment Bank, 82% of Belgians say they consider the climate crisis the biggest threat of the 21st century, and 70% of them are in favor of stricter government measures for the climate.

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