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Siégeons au Parlement Wallon, 30 octobre, namur

LET'S SIT AT THE WALLOON PARLIAMENTDisruptive action outside the Walloon Parliament

30 October in Namur

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We are at the end of 2021, and not very far from the end of a world that has gone off the rails and is leading us to a precipice. The time has come for courageous and socially just political decisions, otherwise the only alternatives left to us will be revolution or the darkest misery.

Locked in a political market logic where voters are a resource infantilised by competing political parties, we demand the establishment of a Walloon citizens' assembly that is representative of the population and transcends the partisan interests of the majority of political professionals. This assembly will have the mandate to determine measures that can be legally binding independently of the agreement of the elected representatives in place in order to orchestrate, we hope, a major, rapid and socially just ecological and societal transition. The citizens' assembly will have to be followed up by the media on an adequate scale to be known by all Walloon citizens.

We will therefore sit from 2pm on 30 October in front of the Walloon Parliament
, during a first popular assembly open to all. We will express our determination to stop this world going round in circles and getting out of control, at least for the time it takes to collectively reflect on the practicalities of these assemblies (number of members, conditions for the recommendations to be binding, ...). This event will be repeated as many times as necessary, and by mobilising an increasing number of participants until the said request is heard and translated into action.

We invite participants to bring a seat, symbol of our action, and to arrive at 2pm precisely in front of the Walloon Parliament (punctuality will be crucial for the success of the action!).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected]

Update: As a preamble to this action we wanted to use the possibility of a petition to the Walloon Parliament to force this request to be debated there, but this was denied on the grounds that our request is unconstitutional and contravenes article 33 of the Constitution. This states that all powers emanate from the Nation and are exercised in the manner established by the Constitution.

Until we succeed in arguing that the powers established by the constitution could be used to set up binding citizens' assemblies, we invite you to take a look at Renew Belgium's initiative to reform the constitution through a citizens' assembly.

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