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Are you worried about the ecological crisis? Are you outraged that nobody seems to care? Come and fight for our future! Join us! No experience required. Everyone is welcome.

On 1 April around 11 am in Brussels, XR Belgium is organising a national action to denounce the role of financial institutions, public and private, in the ongoing ecological collapse. 💰🔥🌍

The #MoneyRebellion targets those who commodify the living. Those that make our planet uninhabitable for human and non-human beings. Those that exploit and alienate our basic needs, with the complicity of political actors.

How to take part❓

1. Make sure you are free to join the rebellion on that day. Please create a protonmail.com e-mail address and fill in this form now: 👉 https://forms.organise.earth/index.php?r=survey/index&sid=829736

2. On 1 April, we ask you to stroll in small groups, without any distinctive XR signs, in the pedestrian area around the Bourse before 11am. When the time comes we will provide you with precise instructions via our Telegram channel. Telegram is a safe alternative to Whatsapp. Please make sure to install it and subscribe to the channel now: 👉 https://t.me/moneyrebellion

3. In order to learn more about the plan of action, the possible risks and how to prepare yourself, as well as meet other rebels to form an affinity group and join the action, make sure to attend an online action training. You can find an overview of the action training sessions here: 👉 https://trainings.extinctionrebellion.be/v/en/money-rebellion-action-trainings

Let's be many - let's be bold! ✊🏿✊🏽✊🏻

#MoneyRebellion #ActNow