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But in these trying times of COVID-19, all EU council meetings, the COP26 and therefore our very own European Rebellion has been postponed. The council’s negotiations will now take place in digital form.

However, in this global pandemic context, we still feel the need for a united European response to fight for climate, ecological and social justice. We have therefore decided to carry on the work that was initiated, by forming a more ambitious, long term EU focused group within XR.

Starting with a Digital Rebellion next June, XR EU will initiate and help coordinate actions between chapters to target the EU’s responsibilities, both within and outside Europe, whilst complying with sanitary recommendations and following their evolution.

A lot of work is yet to be done, and many more rebels with different skills are needed to pick up this challenge! To keep yourself informed and get involved with XR EU, join us on this Mattermost Team:https://organise.earth/xrglobal/channels/xr-eu---info-channel

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