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On Friday 20th December hundreds of rebels from all over the country will gather at 20:00 to reiterate as one collective voice their declaration of rebellion. Everyone is welcome to add their voice to the choir and to join the rebellion. With this act of civil disobedience the movement enters a second phase of its rebellion against the climate and ecological crisis.

“More and more citizens are realizing that civil disobedience is necessary to save our planet from destruction. We have seen the movement growing exponentially since the start early 2019”, says Christophe Meierhans, one of the spokespersons of Extinction Rebellion Belgium. Thousands of people joined the movement with local groups in 12 different cities.

“But our actions, from joining marches to the massive Royal Rebellion, have not woken up our governments yet. That is why we turn to the Grand Place, one of the most iconic places of our country, to sound the alarm bell again and announce a second phase of rebellion against the toxic system that is killing our planet. With more and bigger civil disobedient actions to come in 2020!”

Grand Place is part of the Brussels neutral zone, a place where protesting is not allowed. Extinction Rebellion invites everyone feeling the urge to act for a fundamental change in the way we tackle the climate and ecological crisis to come to the monumental square on the evening of Friday 20th December. People are asked to come without wearing or bringing anything visible that would reveal their participation to the event in beforehand as the police might attempt to prevent them from reaching the square.

At 20h08 exactly, right after the Christmas Sound and Light Show, all rebels present on the square will reveal their presence by performing XR’s “Second Declaration of Rebellion”, reading the text out loud as one giant collective voice.

With this text, we will reflect on the achievements and shortcomings of the movement’s first year of existence. We will confront our governments, politicians and businesses with their criminal inaction and counteractions, we will look ahead at the enormous challenges awaiting us in the new year, and we will restate the urgent need for a rebellion.

The declaration will be made available online in the week before the event. Anyone in possession of the text will be able to spontaneously join the performance on the square which will feature typical XR visuals and artistry.

“The first national mass action of Extinction Rebellion Belgium was a great success, despite the violent repression of our rebels by the police. The movement has grown stronger and we are even more determined to fight for our future and that of our children”, says Leen Schelfhout. During the Royal Rebellion more than 400 participants were arrested, several injured, and many deprived of their fundamental rights during arrest.

After the “Royal Rebellion” several protesters, shocked by the violent answer to their peaceful demonstration, have announced they plan to sue the City of Brussels, over both the excessive use of force and the illegal dispersal order.

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