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On 19 June, WE ARE REBELLING IN EUROPE to save our common home. The European Union must urgently #CriminaliseEcocide to save our forests, our oceans and soil, the air we breath and the Living.

Rebels from Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Italy, Germany, the UK, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and Czechia, and many more, are all coming together. Indigenous leaders from Brazil will join us to stand together against the destruction of our ecosystems.

We need you! Join us! On SUNDAY 19 June, 10a.m. at Place du Luxembourg, in front of the European Parliament.

************ SAVE BIODIVERSITY **************

Stop Ecocide International Protest banner

The ecological crisis is not limited to the climate. Every planetary boundary overstepped threatens our existence. Meanwhile, the EU is leading us straight to our doom by actively supporting ecocide:

  • European governments continue to subsidise fossil fuels;
  • They support the agribusiness that is destroying our environment;
  • Trees from our forests are burned as so-called "renewable energy";
  • The EU promotes industrial fishing that destroys marine life.

The driving force behind this destruction is the craving for short-term profit and insatiable economic growth.

In addition to a bolder climate policy, we demand that the EU:

  • implements decisive legislation against "ecocide" and that eco-criminals of all kinds are prosecuted for their crimes;
  • implements a masterplan to restore our ecosystems;
  • cancels environmentally destructive trade agreements, such as the Mercosur and post-Brexit trade arrangements;
  • plans a rapid transition to sustainable agriculture, by reducing livestock in favour of plant-based diets, and an end to deforestation and the use of dangerous pesticides;
  • cancels poor countries' debts.

We need fair policies that are decided by the people, not by corporations and their well-paid lobbyists.

We are rebelling to preserve our future. We are rebelling because it is our responsibility to act. We have no more time to lose. Let us act now. Together we are strong. If we join forces, nothing can stop us!


Authorised protest, organised by XR Deutschland.


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