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Our lives have been turned upside down. We have woken up in a world that we never imagined possible. The economy has ground to a halt. Our busy lives have come to a standstill.

It's time to reinvent ourselves, society, and Extinction Rebellion.

It is heartwarming to see how we are collectively responding to the Corona crisis. We are showing solidarity, adapting our lives to a new situation, and demonstrating faith in science. The media is shouldering its responsibility to inform citizens, and overnight, the government has found itself able to put aside business-as-usual.

At the same time, however, it's worrying to see democracy pushed aside and an emergency government taking far-reaching decisions without proper democratic control.

An abundance of questions occupy our minds. Many start with "What if…?".

  • What if... our society were always based on solidarity?
  • What if... our economy were always based on caring for each other, including the most vulnerable?
  • What if... we always valued crucial professions such as cashiers, farmers, and care workers?

  • What if... we decided to only bail out clean companies?

  • What if... we stopped over-consuming forever?

  • What if... a fair income for everyone became the new normal?

  • What if... we tackled the climate and ecological crisis with the same urgency we're applying to the coronavirus crisis?

Suppose this happens, but then with:

→ Citizens' Assemblies to decide on the measures instead of an undemocratic emergency government
→ emergency measures that eliminate inequality, rather than putting yet more pressure on the most vulnerable in our society
→ solidarity for all (including homeless and migrants!) that extends far beyond our borders.

Do you want to think about these big questions and help us take action at times of quarantine? Sign up to the Rebellion and join the discussion on our community forum.

  • #AloneTogether
  • #StayAtHome
  • #TellTheTruth