TIME for RAGE November 6

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1. Nationwide

Doctors of the World (FR) Doctors of the World are urgently seeking volunteers.
Belgian Red Cross (FR) Blood stocks remain critical at this time. Please check the website for donation centres near you or call the free number +32 (0) 800 92 245.
Coordination des Sans-Papiers (FR) Undocumented migrants are particularly affected by this crisis. Coordination des Sans-Papiers is launching an appeal for donations.
Impact Days Belgium-wide platform grouping all municipalities with their own local volunteer initiatives. To find the initiatives in your region, search for your region on their map.
Covid-Solidarity.org Volunteer to help isolated people in your neighbourhood with their grocery shopping.
Meals of Gratitude Belgium Donate and help to provide medical staff and key workers with meals from local restaurants.
#MasksForBelgium Make your own face mask following instructions from the Belgian health service.

2. Arlon

Help in Habay (FR) In the face of COVID-19, solidarity is organised for Habaysians!
Impact Days Volunteer for tasks including babysitting, supportive listening, food delivery, and grocery shopping.

3. Antwerp

Foodbank Antwerp-Mechelen-Turnhout Call +32(0)3 645 01 79 or +32(0)486 03 12 57 or email [email protected]
Give A Day (NL) Woonpunt Schelde-Rupel: volunteer to help with grocery shopping in Schelle and Zwijndrecht.
Impact Days (NL) Volunteer with Doctors of the World or for tasks like grocery shopping and food delivery.

4. Bruges

Impact Days (NL) Volunteer for tasks including supplying laptops to young people in need, supplying protective equipment (e.g. face masks and safety glasses), and overnight monitoring in homeless shelters.

5. Brussels

Foodbank Brussels-Brabant (FR) -
L'Ilot asbl (FR) Seeking donations in support of homeless people.
Impact Days Volunteer for tasks including making face masks, video and telephone calls, and letter writing.
Mères monoparentales (Facebook) (FR) Solidarity and exchange group for single mothers.
Personnes atteintes du coronavirus Covid-19 (Facebook) (FR) Network for people with Coronavirus.
Atelier de soutien "Femmes et Confinement" (Facebook) (FR) Discussion group for women, mothers, young and old.

6. Charleroi

Food bank Charleroi (FR) Food bank.

7. Gent

Paraat in mijn Straat (NL) Download flyers and read tips on how you can help people in your neighbourhood.
Gent Helpt (NL) -
Gent solidarity fund for difficult times (NL) (Facebook) A coalition between Een hart voor vluchtelingen vzw, Victoria Deluxe vzw, Werkgroep Vluchtelingen Gent VZW, Hand in Hand Gent, Woon Gift Gent VZW, VZW De Tinten and De Rode Lotus). Contact Lucie Blondé on +32(0) 472 88 28 60.
Let's Save Food (Facebook) Contact Sophie Steendam on +32(0) 472 56 26 09.
De Tinten vzw (Facebook) Contact Henri Hemelsoet via Facebook Messenger.

8. Limburg

Food bank Limburg (NL) Food bank.

9. Liege

Food bank Liège (FR) Food bank.

10. Mons-Borinage

Food bank Hainaut-Mons-Borinage (FR) Food bank.

11. Namur

Food bank Namur-Luxembourg (FR) Food bank.

12. Tournai

Platform for interculturality in Tournai (Facebook) Help available, especially for refugees.