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Indeed, your answer was massively YES,to this question (80%). The majority of the rebels think that we have to act NOW because this period is crucial regarding the political and financial decisions that are taken away from the citizen, in a non-democratic way. The come back to "business as usual" seems clearly to be the way politics and compagnies push together to.

The YES answer you claimed to this action comes together with two conditions:
- The respect of the sanitary measures
- Root the action in the actual situation citizen are facing

For you, XR should come back to it's DNA: civil disobediance in a non violent way and with regen culture. This action should be disruptive, perturbative and in the same time positive and unifying. It should also be realised in convergence with other struggles from other mouvements among others the peasant and the nurse mouvments.

We are all passing through a very tough period where some have lost relatives, jobs, business,... Others were sick and we all have been locked down for a long time. We think also about the people working on the first line against the pandemy in very tough conditions. We want to thank you for the very nice and constructive answers we collected in this survey and it will help us to design the message of the next national action. It will make sens given the situation, touch the people and unify them. It will take into account the neel of social connexions, love, resilience and also the frustration and the anger regarding this situation and the way it is handeled. We want to tell them two big messages among others: "bail out for people, not for polluting big compagnies" and "more democracy".

The message will also highlight the link between:
- The pandemy and the destruction of the ecosystem by human
- The management of the sanitary crisis and the one of the climate ans social crisis

Some of you truly highlight the fact that we should not let our message be covered and hide (like at the royal rebellion where police violence took over the audiance) or diverted (like at the Salon of Lies).

Concerning the target of the action, some think that the air transport sector or the bank sector are important but most of you mentioned the government as the main target for this action because it has a major onfluence on the come back to "business as usual" Government is indeed the decision taker, sign aggreements, modify laws, give baul out and subsidy, etc.
This target could also have a federating effect among citizen and discredit it's supposed democratic power.

The form of the action should reflect the different parts of the message. We think at first that it could be a Ying and Yang equilibrium with a regenerative, positive, resilient, creative and poetic part (Ying) and annother more pertubative with blockages and arrests (Yang). We recieved a large variety of ideas for the action which is amazing! This form of protest was cited in example many times: (see video)
Anyway it will be the most inclusive for a maximum of you . This is a challenge and the team here is already working hard on it.

To conclude...
This report has been realised based on the results from the survey. You will find some graphs here under showing the answers to the multiple choice questions. This include the Zoom, discourse, basecamp and phone consultations. We will communication our plan in the next few days.
Teams are being built and we will need your help to organise this big action in a very short time. You can contact this number if you or a friend want to join a specific team: [email protected]

Don't hesitate to share those results with your relatives and friends. Be like the colibri and spread the rebelion around you ;) The rebellion is ALIVE and it's happening NOW TOGETHER (or never).

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A large majority of YES with 12% of people hesitating.

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Social distancing of 1,5 meter should be respected and the wear of mask. It is also important for half of us not to gather all in one same place but better to act in it's own town to avoid moving too much.

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Almost 60% of us want a disruptive action but still a quart of us just "don't know"

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The government recieve more than the double of rate than any other choice. Followed by compagnies and banks

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Here again the government should be the main subject of the action.

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"No bail out for polluting compagnies" recieved 75% vote followed by "more democracy" with 43%

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Two action type obtained more than the half of favorable vote: a massive occupation and messages left by small groups in public spaces.
"No bail out for polluting compagnies" recieved 75% vote followed by "more democracy" with 43%

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