Jan 06

Press release: Autosalon, Salon of Lies

Brussels, January 6 – On Saturday 18th January, Extinction Rebellion invites all citizens and organisations to take part in “Salon of Lies”. On that day, hundreds of participants organised in small autonomous groups will perform a multitude of non-violent disruptive acts both inside and outside of the fair. Participants are invited to choose from a “menu” of different actions ranging from small actions of sensibilisation on the parking lots to more disruptive actions such as holding uninvited speeches, glueing themselves to exhibited cars or pouring fake blood on them. “Salon of Lies” will end with a final collective action that will be announced on the day itself. Participants are aware of the legal consequences of their actions and are ready to risk arrest.

Dec 31

Press release: Autosalon = Salon of Lies

Brussels, December 31 – On Saturday 18 January 2020, Extinction Rebellion Belgium invites everyone to take part in the action “Salon of Lies” to correct the deceitful image the car industry portrays of itself. This action of mass civil disobedience aims at denouncing the many lies which car manufacturers keep selling to the public to increase their sales at the cost of the environment, people’s health and social justice.

Oct 13

Press release: Huge, peaceful Royal Rebellion met by brutally violent police response

Brussels, October 13 – 1,000 people of all ages gathered in Place Royale/Koningsplein yesterday (October 12), to allow people to discuss solutions to the disastrous climate and environmental collapse. The event was supposed to last for 24 hours. However, it was marred by extraordinary police violence, as families were pepper-sprayed and water-cannoned. Over 400 people were arrested.

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