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This morning, Facebook suspended again Extinction Rebellion Belgium's page on its platform, without warning. According to Facebook, the page has been unpublished “for being similar to one that we’ve previously removed for violating our Community Standards.” Extinction Rebellion Belgium is now appealing against the decision, and working to get the page back online.

Extinction Rebellion Belgium's Facebook page had already been suspended in early September, due to an event created in support of the Women’s Rights March that had apparently been flagged as “hate speech” by a robot.

Facebook has systematically been suspending pages of multiple Extinction Rebellion local groups across the globe, as well as from other environmental organisations, with little explanation. In the past, the platform unpublished the pages from XR Poland and its local groups, XR Netherlands, and XR local groups in France and in Belgium. The personal accounts from administrators of the XR France Facebook page were also suspended from the platform in February 2019.

Facebook has also previously suspended over 200 environmental and indigenous groups in September, including Greenpeace USA, Rainforest Action Network, and Presente.org.

Extinction Rebellion is calling on Facebook to republish its page, and to provide a clear explanation for the page's removal. It also demands that Facebook stop the systematic suspension of grassroots environmental groups from its platform.

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