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Press release, Brussels, January 26

On Sunday, January 28, an estimated 150 activists from Extinction Rebellion will take to the streets in Brussels to demand an end to fossil fuels. Ahead of the next Belgian and European elections, which take place on 9 June 2024, Extinction Rebellion has announced that they will carry out a wave of actions to demand an end to fossil fuels. During this first action, activists will block traffic on Cantersteen, Brussels, and hold a street party to celebrate unity, resilience and the power of collective action.

Journalists are welcome to join on January 28, 15:00, at Place de l'Albertine. The blockade is expected to start at 15:30, but this may change.

Extinction Rebellion demands that the Belgian government must end fossil fuel subsidies and phase out the use and import of fossil fuels. The transition to a fossil free future must prioritise justice, access to affordable energy for all, and the preservation of our natural environment.

"We all want a clean and just future, where we and our families can be healthy and safe. But rather than putting health and safety first, the Belgian government is investing in and building new fossil fuel projects which steer us directly into destruction," says Alena from Extinction Rebellion.

"With the wave of actions that kickstarts on January 28, we celebrate and amplify the opinion of the Belgian public, who is clearly in favour of stronger measures to protect the climate and end fossil fuels," says Xavier from Extinction Rebellion.

According to the European Investment Bank, 82% of Belgians say they consider the climate crisis the biggest threat of the 21st century, and 70% of them are in favor of stricter government measures for the climate. In 2020, Belgium subsidised fossil fuels with 12,9 billion euros. In the same year, only 13% of energy in Belgium came from renewables. Despite the climate destruction they cause, the Belgian government plans to subsidise the construction of four new fossil gas plants, according to Tegengas.

Extinction Rebellion is a decentralised global movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience to persuade governments to act on the climate and ecological emergency.

For any press questions: Xavier (French/Dutch/English): +31 62 63 59 683

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