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On Saturday 18 January 2020, Extinction Rebellion Belgium invites everyone to take part in the action “Salon of Lies” to correct the deceitful image the car industry portrays of itself. This action of mass civil disobedience aims at denouncing the many lies which car manufacturers keep selling to the public to increase their sales at the cost of the environment, people’s health and social justice.

In 2016, the “Dieselgate” already demonstrated the recklessness and the untrustworthiness of the automotive sector. Now, faced with the undisputable reality of global warming, car manufacturers are trying to profile themselves as drivers of a sustainable mobility.

With nearly half a million visitors each year, Brussels Autosalon is Belgium’s biggest car promotion event. Disrupting this major event, Extinction Rebellion denounces the motto of this year’s edition, “Soft Mobility”, as the new lie of the car industry to fool their customers and preserve a business model which will remain a key driver of the climate and ecological crisis despite all the new “electric”, “hybrid” or other so-called “green” and “zero-emission” inventions car manufacturers are trying to sell us. Technological and industrial development must be put at the service of the well being of all people and of the planet instead of commercial profit.

“Salon of Lies” is organised as part of a larger campaign (#boycottAutosalon) from a group of civil society organizations. We are united in asking the government to stop supporting an industry which is poisoning our children and driving ecological breakdown.

All details about the action itself will be published on Monday 6 January.

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