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Thursday, June 25th at dawn, a small group of Extinction Rebellion Belgium rebels removed the metal letters "FINANCE" from the wall at the entrance of the Finance Tower. As part of the action campaign "Our Future, Our Choices", Extinction Rebellion Belgium will rename the Finance Tower into the Resilience Tower.

The action was carried out without causing any damage to the wall or the metal letters. Extinction Rebellion Belgium specifies that the letters are only borrowed and that they will be returned to the prime minister of the next federal government, once it is formed in order to be put in a museum.

Pauline, spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion Belgium: "This place houses key government competencies, such as immigration and health under the umbrella of 'Finance', which is symbolic of the priorities that clearly guide our politics. We want our governments to focus on building a more resilient society that will be better able to cope with future crises."

On June 27th at 3pm at Bourse, Extinction Rebellion launches the final action of its campaign "Our Future, Our Choices", the second step of the action is at 4pm at Rue Neuve and it will conclude at 5pm in front of the Finance Tower with an inauguration ceremony to rename the building. During this ceremony, several civil society personalities will express their choices for a resilient society and the Finance Tower will be officially renamed "Resilience Tower". The action will close with the handing over of the red and green signs expressing the citizens' choices to the Prime Minister at 16 rue de la loi.

By renaming it "Resilience Tower", Extinction Rebellion wants to show what the priority should be for a government that is truly acting to preserve the conditions for a dignified life for everyone in Belgium and in the world, now as well as for future generations.

Through this unauthorised gathering, which will respect the physical distances required by the COVID health mesures, Extinction Rebellion invites citizens to reappropriate public space and to express their concerns. This action aims to communicate to the authorities the population's demands for a more sustainable future.

For more information:

In English: Valerio +32 493 81 38 36

In French: Pauline +32 476 35 25 38, César +32 473 76 89 82

In Dutch: Leen +32 486 37 73 23, Bo +32 497 15 70 72, Seba +32 472 58 14 48

In German: Tobias +32 486 88 31 37
Telegram channel to have live info about the action :

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