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We are once again taking to the streets! With the "Rebellion of One", we are bringing the voices of the world's most affected regions to the heart of the European Union.


From 11 to 13 June, the EU will participate in the G7 summit in Cornwall, UK. The G7 is an alliance of rich and western countries. In the run-up to the event, from 7 to 12 June, Extinction Rebellion Belgium is organising decentralised blockades of roads and buildings in the European district and beyond. One person (assisted by a small support group) will carry the message of a person in the South who is already suffering the consequences of the ecological disaster.


The EU must honour its international financial commitments and stop subsidising destructive industries. This is not a matter of "development aid" but of international justice. The EU's ecological footprint - both historical and current - is huge compared to that of the South.

The international wave of action, Rebellion of One, is targeting in particular the G7 summit where the EU leaders will be sitting. The summit will focus on the 'green recovery' of the economy following the sanitary crisis.

XR Belgium wants to address the European Union and denounce its approach to the ecological emergency as not only illusory and inadequate, but also socially unjust on a global scale. The ecological footprint of European countries is still causing havoc in the most affected areas of the globe.

Western countries with a historical responsibility for the current climate and ecological emergency continue to dictate the world's agenda through these types of summits. EU and G7 leaders are adopting the language of urgency, but at the same time they are promoting green growth as the solution. This kind of climate policy will only result in the preservation of an economic system that favours the interests of multinational corporations and increases global inequality.


Besides the person who sits and does the blockade, other roles are needed. Want to know more about exactly how the "Rebellion of One" works? Then join our Telegram channel and fill in the form now!

The blockades will target a road, a building entrance, a public square... and will carry two short messages: one written by a person living in one of the areas most affected by ecological and climate collapse in the world, the other expressing the emotion of the individual participating in the blockade in the face of this injustice.