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We thank you a thousand times for the wonderful job you have done! Thanks to you who joined the Tell the Truth Swarm, our Prime Minister's fictitious—but dreamlike—speech has reached over 100,000 views, blasting all our own social media records and allowing us to reach many more people than usual. You have been fantastic! Numerous articles have relayed this action and several engaged personalities have reacted in a relevant and encouraging way. The video has even been published internationally by other XR chapters!

In the meantime, we contacted all the political party leaders, as well as the Prime Minister and the Climate, Health, and Economy ministers of Belgium and of the three regions in order to obtain their reaction to the truths stated in the speech. So far, only the MR and Groen party leaders replied but we look forward to getting more replies!

In the next step of our campaign, we will make sure they give us an answer to our request to tell the truth about the climate and ecological crisis. More information soon!

Meanwhile, do not hesitate to help local communities by joining the initiatives listed here to support people vulnerable to coronavirus and to join the discussion on our community forum.