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With Our Future, Our Choices!, Extinction Rebellion Belgium is calling on everyone to stop the rushed race to "return to normal", and to take stock of our society. What will we choose to keep or give up? What are the things that nourish our lives and societies, and what is superfluous, harmful or unjust?

From 15-27 June, a wave of actions taking place throughout the country will enable everyone to take the time to reflect and write down their personal choices on simple cardboard signs: a red side for what must be abandoned, and a green side for what must be kept. The campaign is developed over 3 stages of increasing intensity which will culminate on 27 June with a big action of civil disobedience in Brussels.

On 27 June, everyone is called to come to the pedestrian zone in the center of Brussels carrying their red and green cardboard signs in order to perform a symbolic gesture that will interrupt the multiples flows of "Business as Usual". Standing motionless in the public space and brandishing our signs we will perform a full stop to demand a time of reflection and debate necessary to make these crucial collective choices. the action will end with a final act for which everyone will converge towards the iconic "Finance Tower" which is home to several federal ministries.

The current plan for the action in Brussels stands as following:

It starts off at 3PM at Bourse where all rebels are expected to stand up holding their red and green sign in a 15min freeze moment whilst respecting social distancing measures.

An hour later, at 4PM, we're expected to reproduce the same thing along Rue Neuve.

And finally, at 5PM, we meet at Finance Tower (near Botanique) for a special inauguration ceremony.

Together with representatives from a wide spectrum of social and environmental civil society, we will briefly expose our choices for a resilient society and ceremonially "baptize" the tower with a new name. We will then carry on to hand all of the signs people have made to the Prime Minister, to make sure she's duly aware of people's clear choices in midst of these existential crises we're facing.

All actions will be carried out wearing masks and maintaining the physical distance required by the health measures in force, while vigorously promoting social cohesion.

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How can I prepare myself for Our Future, Our Choices?

First of all, register to take part. This will give you access to all the information you need to participate in the action.

Sign up for the action

Action file
All the information concerning the action: practical and legal information, information on training, etc. We invite you to read it carefully.

Telegram channel
This channel will be used to communicate on the spot with all participant and provide last minute information. (you might be asked to download the Telegram app in case you do not have it yet) ​​

Onboarding calls
New to Extinction Rebellion? Participate in our online onboarding calls to learn about XR, and to get all the information you need to prepare for action.

Training calls
We strongly encourage all participants to join an (online) action training. This session covers non-violent direct action, a legal briefing and will allow everyone to form affinity groups for the action.


Do I have to participate in all the proposed actions?

No. At each stage of the campaign you will be able to choose from a variety of actions, some with no risk of arrest, some with high risk. You're free to choose the actions that you are comfortable with.

How do I find people to participate with?

When you register, you'll be invited to share the action with your friends, family, colleagues, or movement. During the Action Training Calls you can meet other rebels to form an affinity group.

What are the prerequisites?

None! Any citizen who feels the urge to act is welcome. Extinction Rebellion offers you its know how in non-violent civil disobedience with all the training necessary to help everyone feel confident to act.

Will this action respect the public health rules in force?

Yes, while vigorously promoting social cohesion, all participants are expected to wear masks and maintain the physical distance required by the health measures in force.